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      Yes, yes, she said in a subdued voice. How long it has been!Right, sonny; Esmeraldas who they meant, assented Bill. I believe she sends money or jewelry pretty nigh every month. Seed that diamond pin Varley wears?

      But the gray man showed a twinkle to match it: "Why--by sight--yes--what there is of you."

      You will never do it! he said.

      Dont spare it, said Varley; and he rolled up a cigarette and watched Trafford, who had seated himself upon the trunk of a felled tree, and was sipping the spirit as a tired man sips who is seeking a stimulant and tonic to enable him to undergo fresh exertion.

      "It's this: he's been sent back to those Mobile fortifications--received the order barely in time to catch the boat by going instantly. Nan, the Valcours' house is found to stand right on their proposed line, and he's gone to decide whether the line may be changed or the house must be demolished.""Didn't he tell her too?"

      "Grandma!" softly cried Flora, as if sharing the general elation, but had begun again to tell of Greenleaf, when from far over in Camp Street her subtle ear caught a faint stray sigh of saxhorns.


      You shall drive as many as you like, he said. Ill get you a pair.Varley ran up to him where he stood, about a hundred yards from the hut.


      How happy she looks! she said. She is positively radiant! Her lips curled with something like a sneer. A shop-girl could not look more elated; it is as if she were saying aloud, I am to be the Duchess of Belfayre!


      Bring her along, said Simon, with an impatient oath.