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      Yes; its your show, he said, coolly. If Id only a-known jes a quarter of a mile backbut thats neither here nor there. Im coming. Save your powder!Forgive me, Trafford. I have beenbeen hard with you. I had forgotten that he was dead. But Iher voice brokeI love her so! Ive never had a child of my own, and Esmeralda Her sobs choked back the words.

      Yes, Im a little off color to-night, Taffy, he said. Well double the stakes if no gentleman objects.

      Butbut you left Belfayre with herwithout a word. Why?

      Our double refined oil without smell, murmured Lord Selvaine; but he nodded encouragingly to Norman.

      The meeting between Lyrcus and Byssa was as touching as if there had been a long separation.


      To none was this house more interesting than to Flora. In her adroit mind she accused it of harboring ancient secrets in its architecture, shrewd hiding-places in its walls. Now as she stood in the panelled drawing-rooms awaiting its inmates, she pointed out to her seated companion that this was what her long-dead grandsire might have made their own home, behind Mobile, had he spent half on its walls what he had spent in them on wine, cards, and--


      Pears to me she dont write as often as she might, remarked one of the players. Dessay shes amost forgot us allforgot as there ever was such a dog-darned place as Three Star.


      So she remained sitting silently, hiding her face with both hands. Then she heard a rustling, and a peculiar dry cough told her that her father had entered.Lilias looked a little startled, and went out rather slowly, and Esmeralda went up to her own room. As the day wore on, the coming dinner-party began to make itself felt, and quite half an hour before the usual time Barker came in to dress her. Esmeralda was lying down; she had been pacing up and down the room until she had nearly worn herself out, and she received Barker with a listlessness and indifference which filled that young woman with dismay.