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      One by one the rebels extricated their horses from the mire with more or less difficulty and filed back. Si kept his gun on those in the quagmire, while Shorty attended to the others as they came back. Co. Q was coming to his assistance as fast as the boys could march."I was determined, before I slept, to have that yellow envelope, with all those papers, in General Curtis's hands, though he was 40 miles away. How in the world I was going to do it I could not think, but I was going to do it, if I died a trying. The first thing was to get that envelope off the table into my clothes; the next, to get out of that cabin, away from Bob Smiles unt his guards, through the rebel lines, unt over the mountains to General Curtis's camp. It was a dark, windy night, unt things were in confusion about the campjust the kind of a time when62 anybody might kill a Jew pedler, unt no questions would be asked.

      Pen looked at Corveth, who nodded.

      "Do you walk much in New York?" asked Pen.

      THE MANY AND QUEER USES TO WHICH IT WAS AT LAST PUT."Say, Pard," he began banteringly, "you've missed yer callin'. Op'ry oughter have been yer trade."


      "Did he find anything in the house?""Got your kittle, you blamed teamster," they an swered crossly. "Go away from here. We won't209 allow teamsters at this spring. It's only for soldiers. Go to your own spring."


      "Do so at once," said the Colonel.


      "If somebody else didn't get them, we did," said Shorty, as they turned and rushed back into the cedars.