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      As if Id broken my wrist, said Esmeralda. All right.

      At dawn he had risen resolved to make good his boast and "fight like a whale." Under orders of his own seeking he had left the battery the moment its tents were up and had taken boat for Mobile. Whence he had returned only just in time to stand beside Flora Valcour, preceded by a relative of the bridegroom paired with Anna.

      The gentleman was fully occupied with his own animal, the groom was a long way behind, and Esmeralda, who knew a horse and its tricks as thoroughly as it is possible to know them, saw that, unless the lady received some assistance, she would be thrown, and, not improbably, right across the rails.

      Lady Wyndover sunk on the couch and clasped her head.Trafford could bear no more. He rose and staggered out of the hut and leaned against the wall, with his face upon his arm.

      A flush rose to Lady Adas face, then died away, leaving it paler than before.



      Why, Norman! he cried. Is it really you? My dear fellow, I am glad to see you.


      Varley looked straight before him. For the first time he saw the terrible business from Traffords point of view. It looked as if indeed Esmeralda had been guilty; and yet he could not believe it. He glanced at Norman with a stern, fierce inquiry, and saw on his face a strange expression. It did not look in Varleys eyes like guilt.And have you not? she said. Tell me who it is, for I see there is some one.