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      [32] "Pioneers of France," 377.

      Oh, but!--as the dingy, lean-faced Hilary cried, springing from the ground where he lay and jerking his pipe from his teeth--was it not enough for a world's pity that to her it seemed so? How it seemed to the Callenders in particular was a point no one dared raise where he was. To them had come conditions so peculiarly distressing and isolating that they were not sharers of the common lot around them, but of one strangely, incalculably worse. Rarely and only in guarded tones were they spoken of now in Kincaid's Battery, lately arrived here, covered with the glory of their part in Bragg's autumn and winter campaign through Tennessee and Kentucky, and with Perryville, Murfreesboro' and Stone River added to the long list on their standard. Lately arrived, yes; but bringing with them as well as meeting here a word apparently so authentic and certainly so crushing, (as to those sweet Callenders), that no one ever let himself hint toward it in the hearing even of Charlie Valcour, much less of their battle-scarred, prison-wasted, march-worn, grief-torn, yet still bright-eyed, brave-stepping, brave-riding Major. Major of Kincaid's Battalion he was now, whose whole twelve brass pieces had that morning helped the big iron batteries fight Porter's gunboats.

      Byssa started up, shaking all the flowers from her lap on the ground, hastily gathered up the folds of her36 garments, and waded out into the stream. But the current had already swept the sandal into somewhat deeper water, so that, to avoid being wet, she was obliged to lift her clothes above her knees. She soon perceived that the task was not so easy. Every time she stretched out her hand she was baffled. The little whirlpools in the stream played sportively with their prize; each moment they bore the sandal under their light foam, and when it again appeared it was in an entirely different place from where its owner expected.

      [26] This war was with Algonquin tribes of the neighborhood.See O'Callaghan, New Netherland, I., Chap. III.

      "Why, then," archly said Anna, "who is?"


      [48] "Le 2 Juillet (1666) les premires disputes de philosophie se font dans la congrgation avec succs. Toutes les puissances s'y trouvent; M. l'Intendant entr'autres y a argument trs-bien. M. Jolliet et Pierre Francheville y ont trs-bien rpondu de toute la logique."Journal des Jsuites.


      Throwing himself at Xenocles feet, he clasped his knees and with tears in his eyes exclaimed in the most imploring accents: My father, punish me, let me be scourged by your slavesI will offer my back to them myself, but forgive me! Your daughter is dearer to me than the light of my eyes.


      1639, 1640.Suddenly a score of fir-wood torches were lighted on board the Myoparian and, by the glare of their red, flaring flames, reflected like quivering streaks of fire over the sea, the vessel was seen swarming with dark, threatening figures, among whom, ever and anon, was noticed the glint of shining arms. There was something216 strangely gloomy about this glimmer which made the Egyptian say: