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      The Sulpitian Allet, in a memoir printed in the Morale

      Very well! Phanos then continued, promise to break up the hetaeria, and you shall lose nothing. The places of which we dispose are not dependent upon election, but are appointments. But there must be no more meetings of the hetaeria. If, in spite of your promise, you secretly assemble, woe betide you! No punishment will be too severe for us.

      With these words Acestor raised his head and arched his chest as though, having bowed to another, he hastened to take the place that was his due.

      A fierce cry of rage rose from the pirates; they placed ladders against the traders bow and some of the boldest sprang on her deckothers followed.The priests on their part gave presents, as tokens of good-will; and with that the assembly dispersed. The mission had gained a triumph, and its influence was greatly strengthened. The future would have been full of hope, but for the portentous cloud of war that rose, black and wrathful, from where lay the dens of the Iroquois.

      The monk, the inquisitor, and the Jesuit were lords of Spain,sovereigns of her sovereign, for they had formed the dark and narrow mind of that tyrannical recluse. They had formed the minds of her people, quenched in blood every spark of rising heresy, and given over a noble nation to a bigotry blind and inexorable as the doom of fate. Linked with pride, ambition, avarice, every passion of a rich, strong nature, potent for good and ill, it made the Spaniard of that day a scourge as dire as ever fell on man.

      the barbarous people of Greece M?urs des Sauvages, I. 460.


      September, 1647, and the first mass was said in it on theWhy dont you speak to your mother? she said.


      [10] J. G. Shea, in Boston Pilot.That this may be done, Polycles continued smiling, I will adopt you as a son and make you my heir. True, I should have preferred a suitor who was the girls equal in birth, but as she seems to incline to you, I will submit to her wish.


      Famine and the Tomahawk ? A New Asylum ? Voyage of the Refugees to Quebec ? Meeting with Bressani ? Desperate Courage of the Iroquois ? Inroads and Battles ? Death of Buteux