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      Are you frightened of me, Esmeralda? he asked, with a world of remorse and self-reproach in his voice.I grant your right to ask that question, he said, but I[293] have come all the way from London in search of her, I am a friend of her husband.

      Then why did he not follow, or fire on us? said Norman.

      Esmeralda was rather bewildered at first by the number of the guests and the proportion of strangers, and sat for a time with her long lashes sweeping her cheek, but presently she looked around, and the first face she saw was that of Norman Druce. He was seated almost opposite her. She very nearly started. She had not seen him in the church or in the vestry, and had very nearly forgotten him.Isis there any one you have thought ofchosen?

      Husband and wife stood facing each other, he anxious and alarmed, she deadly pale, and with gleaming eyes.

      He spoke half in jest, half in earnest.

      Esmeralda glanced round.



      Oh, you are mad! she cried, with a kind of helpless scorn. Esmeralda loved the ground on which you trod! I know itI know it! Do you hear?