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      "But the middle finger is more natural," persisted Monty. "You can't stand straight with your little finger at the seam. See here."

      Si and Shorty turned to give directions about packing up the shelter-tents and blankets for carrying.

      Then the time came.

      He put that thought away: it was too much and too large. The one certain thing was that in five days' time (whenever that was) he would know more. In five days they would all meet again."Certainly," said the Surgeon, stopping on his way. "I guess I can spare a minute. Take off that bandage, my boy."

      "You look"


      "No, not there," nervously interjected Humphrey's, turning with him; "ain't there something stirring down there by the crick?"



      "Certainly," replied Capt. McGillicuddy. "Serg't Klegg, stay where you are."