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      Varley pointed to the hut near which they were standing, and Trafford followed him in. The two men stood facing each other, Trafford with his back to the door.Varley dropped to the ground, and lifting Esmeralda in his arms, as he had so often done when she was a child, forced his way through the crowd to the end of the saloon, and then, with his arm around her, stood and faced them.

      Some one to talk to at last, he said.

      I will try to do so, he said. You may trust me. Never by word or look will I ever remind you that we are husband and wife. That I can promise you.[275]

      Thus came the free-gift lottery and bazaar of Callender House. For her own worth as well as to enlist certain valuable folk from Mobile, Flora was, there and then--in caucus, as it were--nominated chairman of everything. "Oh, no, no, no!"--"Oh, yes, yes, yes!"--she "yielded at last to overpowering numbers."

      Of course you were, he said, eagerly; andand so was I. Id only come back to England the night before, and I didnt know that you had changed your nameI mean, that you were Miss Chetwynde, the millionairess.The night passed; the dawn broke with exquisite beauty, and the sun shone upon the white and haggard faces of the two men watching and waiting with feverish and almost intolerable anxiety. Presently they saw a party riding up the hill at a furious gallop; they were Norman, the doctor, and Mother Melinda.


      Perhaps some day you will have some one else to love you, dear, she said. Good-night.



      I have brought good news, said Trafford. The crisis is past; she is better.